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Why keep calm and heal?

Welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to share with you what I have learned during the past few years as a believer and practitioner of holistic therapies. In my blog, I intend to share my experiences, ideas, tips, and so much more and hope that whatever you read here can help or improve your day just a little bit more.

Keep calm and heal is the core idea of what I believe to be the process of healing. I tell my clients that healing is not so much about the outcome/cure of a disease, illness or trauma, but the journey where that process takes us. There's so much learning that takes place and the most important one is really learning about ourselves.

Living in such a chaotic life style, where there's barely time to eat properly, sleep properly, walk properly, breathe properly, disease ( dis-ease = des: lack of; ease= calm) happens. I think the journey of healing presents itself in our lives to teach us something about ourselves. Are we taking good care of ourselves? Are we spending quality time with our friends and family? Are we grateful to be alive?

Surely, life can be very challenging at times. There may be cases where we just don't know what to do or where to go, or even who to talk to. It will be an honor for me if my blog can have a positive effect on your reader, when you don't feel at your best, and that you can be reminded that sometimes you just need to breathe. You just need to keep calm..............and heal.

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